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Info Mengikuti PTC Luar Buxism Gabung Yuk

Info Mengikuti PTC Luar Buxism Gabung Yuk

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Hai guys, on this posting I just want to share about my review following Buxism, and may this can help you if you want to register in this PTC . Buxism, this is one of trusted PTC that prove pay its member. And in this posting I will write based on my review and my experience joining this PTC, I will not say if this PTC is the best, because there advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check this out.

Oke, you can register here.

This PTC have over 80,000 member and paid over $120,000 and minimum pay out is just $1.99. When you visit the website, you will see like this :

Buxism offers everyone an unique opportunity to make money online safely by completing easy and simple tasks for our advertisers.

  • Earn up to $0.01 per Click
  • Earn up to $1.00 per Signup Offer
  • Instant Payments for Premium Members
  • No Direct Referral Limit
  • Detailed Statistics of Referral Clicks
  • Payments via Alertpay, PayPal and Liberty Reserve
  • Professional Support
  • Integrated Forum

But, for me as a free member, every click is worth between $0.001 until $0.002 , and there are 8-13 ads daily . So I can earn about $0.013 each day, and I know this is not too profitable, but with this PTC you can increase your earning money, because is just clicking ads, you just need to make your computer online. But remember this is as a free member and have no referral, if you have many downline and upgrade your member status, I believe that you can earn much many every month even every day. But remember, if you want to success with PTC you must consistently and discipline to click ads. Because with one PTC you can earn about $5 until $10 each years, this is if you have no referral/downline and your member status is free. So if you join and following many PTC, you can imagine how much money do you get every day, every month, every year, etc. And to starting this business, you didn’t need any money, it’s absolutely free. So don’t think too long, just register here. Oke .

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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