Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Info Mengikuti PTC Luar Terpercaya Clicksia

Info Mengikuti PTC Luar Terpercaya Clicksia

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Oke PTCers, now I will share about information and my reviews following Clicksia, maybe this can help you to find out about this PTC .


Oke you can register here.

Clicksia, this is one of trusted PTC, have so many member about 240,000 member. And you can earn money with four different ways, the main is Paid To Click, in Paid To Click as free member like me, you can click 8-13 ads every day, and the click is worth $0.001 until $0.003, and based on my experiences, I can get about $0.01 until $0.013 per day. I know that is not too profitable, but this can increase your money. The minimum cash out is very low, it just $1 . And the other way that you can earn money is with Offer & Task, usually Paid To Sign Up, you can earn money between $0.1 until $0.5 every task or sign up you did. And there many offer and task there more than 150 task that you can do and earn for money. So register now .

And the other way to get money in Clicksia is Traffic Exchange and Promote clicksia. Rules of Traffice Exchange is :


  • Keep this page open as long as you are are surfing traffic exchange ads.
  • Each ad you view will be here at the same time ( Next Ad ) so that you get a chance to report it in case it was frame breaking or breaking Clicksia TOS, just click on the report link here.
  • If you get an error ( ex : failing the human test ) while surfing, please close the surfing page, refresh this page and continue your clicking.
  • Each ad you view will be considered viewed no matter what the outcome is, this is to protect you from getting stuck at the same ad in case of an error.

And for Promote clicksia you can earn $0.0001 every people or unique visiting clicksia that you refer.

And this PTC is very famous, I can say like that because this PTC has over 240,000 member, is so many you know if you compare with other PTC, so don’t waiting too long, just register here.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

1 komentar:

malum tumanggor mengatakan...

patut dicoba ni gan. tpi msih kurang paham cara mainnya.
btw agan2 main ke blog ak. bisnis JSS tripler yang lgi booming and terbukti membayar. ak dah coba n memang membyr berapapun besarnya. coba aj gan

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